Self Managed Care

Ezyas@Home PairCare Self Managed Services: We can source, recruit, security check, monitor and provide mediation for live-in carer’s for clients. When a successful match is made you or your family can negotiate your own terms and their own service agreement.

Personal Care PairCare Live-in Services: Level 2: By using a rigorous to recruitment and selection process to identify suitable candidates using our PairCare methodology, who will provide personal care services. PairCare Live-in Care is an innovative, affordable early intervention program that aims to assist older people to stay living independently in their homes longer. Live-in carers typically work seven days a week, for eight hours a day; they must have a room of their own and time off to relax. To allow this extra care, may be needed. If this is not possible, Ezyas@Home can provide for you. As part of our PairCare process we understand the importance of continuity of care and endeavour to keep change to a minimum. However once the match is made the client and the carer negotiate the ongoing arrangements. Ezyas@Home acts as an introductory agency nevertheless can we provide a ongoing monitoring and mediation service if required.

Companionship PairCare Live-in Services: Level 3: Live-in Care is based on a program of exchange of free/affordable live-in accommodation, for ten hours practical assistance per week around the home.  The difference from the above service is that the Live-in Care does not provide for any personal care and is designed to complement any existing home-based service the older person may be receiving.  Some of the benefits include: increased sense of security, companionship and support, affordable home-style accommodation for responsible, reliable, caring individuals.

Research shows that most people want to live their life their own way, on their own terms and in their own home. It means they continue to remain close to family friends and pets in a community they feel part of. Research also shows that on average people in Nursing Homes only receive 4 hours of direct care in per 24 hours. Live in care provides 8 hours direct care and on hand assistance when needed.