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Looking for Home Care in Bundaberg

Our Organisation believes all people are of equal worth – all are entitled to holistic wellbeing with as much independence, optimism and control as possible, at all stages in their life.

Ezyas@Home is a Government Approved Provider of Home Care Services and Home Care Packages in Bundaberg & Surrounds. – Our business is YOU! Our personal care service is personalised, coordinated, enabling and our clients are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. Our service believes that the relationship between client and carer is that of a partnership, understanding what is important to the client and their support system. Doing it Right: Service reliability – performing the service dependably and accurately is the heart of service excellence. We are small boutique service choosing our staff with care and our clients on the basis we can perform their care as promised, with confidence, integrity and individualised attention. Want to know more?

Sharezy: We all need a roof so why not share yours – You possibly haven’t thought of the term “housemates” for many year and it invokes memories of those youthful times, when unrelated people lived in a communal situation, each paying his or her own way. These days, baby boomers are bringing back that concept, with a twist: house sharing is occurring later in life, the baby boomer generation are finding new housing arrangements that suit different lifestyles, and finances. Whether single by choice, divorce or widowhood, people are discovering that sharing a large house with a few of their peers is a great way to stretch limited funds. A cooperative housing situation can also keep loneliness at bay, providing companionship and a sense of belonging – as well as welcome assistance with household chores. For boomers, concerns about being alone when they are older are prompting many to create alternative living arrangements while they are still in their fifties – or younger. Go on take a look!