With heatwaves being experienced in parts of Australia and with high temperatures expected in many places this weekend,

Ezyas@Home is advising there are some tips for minimising heat stress for older people. Older people are at increased risk of

heat-related illnesses and need special care in hot weather.

People aged over 65 years should take special care on hot days. Risk factors include living alone, chronic medical problems and certain medications.

The five top tips recommended by for older people to minimise heat stress on hot days are:

  1. Stay indoors
  2. Drink plenty of fluids – preferably water
  3. Keep as cool as possible – by using air conditioning or fans if available
  4. Store cool water in the fridge
  5. Wear light, loose-fitting clothing

It is also a good idea on days with very hot temperatures, for family members, friends or neighbours to check in on older people throughout the day.

If you don’t know your elderly neighbour now is a good time to say “hello.”