At your service – In-Home Services:

Is this a time when your family dynamics are changing?

• Do you feel you are no longer coping with day-to-day tasks for yourself or your partner?

• Are you recovering from or trying to cope with a newly acquired chronic condition or disability?

• Is it no longer your parent/parents who are making the decisions it has to be you?


This change in family dynamics is not only difficult and emotionally charged for individuals, couples, families, or siblings who need help responding to their needs. It can be very difficult to come to terms with, frustrating, and even leave you feeling somewhat lost and bewildered. If you, your partner, your parent, also has Dementia, the problems are enhanced. Ezyas@Home is here for you! We are a Bundaberg privately owned homecare agency dedicated to providing quality in-home care. We provide fee for service in home care, and can also provide services through your government in-home aged care package. On the 1st July 2015 the Government Subsidised Consumer Directed Care (CDC) In-Home Care Aged Care Packages came into being, and clients now have the right to choose who provides their care, and when they want to receive that care.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) – Six New Consumer Rights

What does this mean?

  • You will get more say in the care and the services you access, how it is delivered and who delivers it to you.
  • You will have a chance to discuss what matters to you most, what is needed to support you to live the life you want.
  • You will have to opportunity to develop your own care plan.
  • You should have a greater understanding of how your package is funded and how that money is spent through your monthly budget and expense statement
  • It should be reviewed constantly to assure your support is adequately meeting your requirements.
  • No Retribution: It’s your package it cannot be taken away from you. You can speak up it’s your money (not the providers)

Client Directed Home Care Packages:

A Home Care Package is a type of government funding to help you remain living at home for longer. It is provided by the Australian Government to help people aged 65 years and over to obtain the in-home care and supports they need to stay living safely and independently in their own home for as long as possible.

Home Care Packages are delivered with a consumer directed care approach. This means you are given a budget (funding) to help cover the cost of your coordinated care plan and you decide how it is allocated. This approach gives you more choice and flexibility about the types of services and supports you need and want.

Hourly Care/Respite Care: Families and Carers all deserve time out! Caring is a demanding role and does sometimes take it toll. Using Respite Services will allow you to rejuvenate and refresh physically, mentally and emotionally. While knowing your loved one is receiving the very best of care. We are available 24/7 for as long or as little (min 1 hour) as you need it. Overnight, weekends, or 24 hour care available. Our staff are professional, caring, and are appropriately qualified to care for your needs.

Dementia & Palliative Care: These specialised services are available on request.

Live in Care:

What is it? Helping to keep people in the place they love best, their own Home! When the time comes to consider a service to provide care in the home; Ezyas@Home can help loved ones with safe, affordable, professional consistent personal care. This 24 hour on hand care will provide for all your necessities and requirements, with individual care plans catering to your unique preferences and individual lifestyle. Having a Carer is an excellent, cost effective alternative to a care home or other residential accommodation. This is the very essence of Personalised Care with maximum choice and privacy in the comfort of your own home and familiar community setting.

In a recent poll; 97% of participating people stated that they would prefer to remain in their own home than move into a residential care home. Live-in care enables just that. There are many situations where live-in care may be suitable whether you require companionship, assistance with personal care or have more intensive needs that require specialist care or nursing care.

Examples of situations where live-in care may be suitable:

• Where you require an extra pair of hands – a Ezyas@Home PairCare can provide assistance with those things that may have become challenging such as driving, shopping and other daily personal routines and chores.

• Following a recent bereavement – an Ezyas@Home PairCare can provide company and companionship, either short or long term.

• Post-hospital discharge – where there is a requirement to have suitable support in place to help with rehabilitation.

• Home sweet home – where you have tried residential care but found that home is where your heart is.

• Changing hands – when you want to change from another care agency. Ezyas@Home will step in to ensure a smooth transition, with minimal disruption to the client.

• To stay together – For couples that wish to remain together in their beloved own home. Live-in care can provide a cost effective solution as one carer is often able to look after both people.

• Time out – For partners, friends, or family members who require respite care to enable them to take a much needed short break or holiday from caring for a loved one.

We carefully match clients to carers with our exclusive PairCare service and provide a personalised Ezyas@Home Care Profile tailored specifically to you. This plan takes into account the client’s needs, routine, personality, social preferences, medical needs and favourite activities. We simply make home life easier, safer, and more enjoyable. This provides consistency, security, and most of all allows the continuity of remaining in the place you love most, your own home.

What Type of Care You Need?

When You Need It?

Delivered by Who you Want?

Private Care – Fee for Services

What does private in home care cost?

Our schedule of fees for private in home care is the same as the Home Care Package Fees. If you will be paying for your in home care yourself i.e. you are a private care client then no ACAT assessment is needed; and you do not have to ring My Aged Care first;

You can call us direct and begin your services as soon as you need.