With housing costs high and feelings of loneliness when children are grown and a spouse is no longer around, older adults are looking for answers. Today, the shared living movement is being embraced across the country as an exciting aging-in-place option for baby boomers.  Many people begin thinking about shared living following a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or another major life event. Demographic data indicate that in hard economic times shared living for mature adults is on the rise. Whether choosing shared living to offset costs of maintaining a home independently, companionship, security, or someone to help around the house, shared living makes it easier for baby boomers to age in place. And as baby boomers, we want to stay right where we are, thank you. More than numbers, however, roommates point to the trend as being one of the best, unexpected elements of their retirement life. From holidays to everyday life, the companionship provides real benefits.