Why in this world of multi media are so many people feeling so alone and what can we do about it?

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This new network is for mature adults looking for a home or change of lifestyle or similar who are looking to share their home or group share accommodation. Sharing accommodation seems to be OK for young people, but the general theme for “older people” is that it is somehow not an option. Did you know that around 30% of people looking to share are over 40? More and more mature individuals are warming to the fact that sharing can be financially accommodating and socially enjoyable. For many people it is becoming more difficult to manage in retirement, after divorce or life changing events. The cost of living and housing is becoming beyond the budgets saved over lifetimes. Many people are socially isolated and are looking for companionship and ways to reduce costs.

We are Empowered Together – Changing lives one smile at a time: Our lifestyle assumes a degree of faith. I do not mean religious faith but a faith in life, the universe, and everything (apologies to Douglas Adams) When we need something, want something, or are trying to do something, we trust we will find the tools to do it. It helps that we tell everybody that we know – sometimes we are surprised at how effective and powerful these networks can be!

The new generation of seniors or “baby boomers” are demanding alternatives to traditional ways of supporting themselves, as nursing homes are not an option, which is not necessarily surprising. Baby boomers have always found their own way of doing things, they are resourceful, and inventive, and very active. They have lots of interests. They see themselves as continuing to have interests, and grow, and learn, and kind of shape their life, including their living situation; in a way that supports the lifestyle they want to live.” Shared housing” is one such option. Typically a women’s arrangement, the experience can provide financial, physical and emotional security, as research shows that women tend to live longer and be less financially secure than men. However, many men find themselves alone and sometimes in need of company or need a more flexible cash flow . The success of the “Men’s Shed” shows  that men enjoy the company of other men. People with a disability can often find sharing with others can complement and support each other, and share successfully. The traditional Homeshare which consists of a Senior sharing with a younger person in exchange for rent, is also a very successful model around the world. In this context, these households offer a sense of community – a shared responsibility for each other, as well as the workload.

It’s People who Connect People – Connections Begin with YOU! so…

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It’s People who Connect People – Connections Begin with YOU!