Ted’s Memory Stick

My Memory Stick Someone’s pitched the memory stick that lay within my brain, I know I’m getting on a bit, which causes some disdain, But my stick it functioned perfectly as exams I did take, I even got some letters, which would prove that I’m awake, But as I’ve... read more

A tricky situation and advice about bills

How to Deal When Your Housemate is Late Paying Bills How should you deal when your housemate is late paying bills? Should you scream, throw a temper tantrum, or walk around silently resenting the person who hasn’t paid their bill? Nope, none of those are going to help... read more

Primal Need

Safety. It’s a primal, basic need.  We need shelter where we can be free from harm. We need security and stability.  These needs are so deeply a part of us that Abraham Maslow, the psychologist, when he constructed his hierarchy of needs, put safety after food and... read more

Join Us!

Sharezy: We are not an agency, but a network for more mature citizens who are looking for alternatives to provide a new lifestyle. We enable you to find placements. It is up to you to write yourself a great profile, to make the contact, to introduce yourselves with an... read more


My life has taken many paths and choices, some good, some bad, and some I would wish I could change. The paths have been ones that I never could have imagined from the place I grew up and the journey continues.....

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