Ezyas@Home understands that our sense of home is infinitely more than the comfort of a roof over our heads. It is a reflection of our past and instils in us our sense of the present. Throughout our lives we cope with change, some of us even embrace change and some change by necessity. In this changing world positive change can influence our long term health, happiness, prosperity and well-being. One of these changes could be the decision to share your home. Given that Baby Boomers are now moving through retirement, the cost of living is continuing to rise and women typically live longer than men, home sharing is a trend that’s likely to grow. Change can be a source of growth and gain, it is easier to live a better life if we are neither boring or bored, if we have people and projects we care about and it can be exciting as we embark on this new phase of your life. Some motivation for embarking on the experience of the home sharing trend:

  • Finances – Home sharing gives many a practical way to make ends meet in a tough economy. Other’s use cost sharing as a way to build wealth and enjoy a higher standard of living.
  • Companionship – A home-mate provides a social outlet, helps reduce the chance for isolation and loneliness, and can be of assistance if someone becomes ill or is injured.
  • Security – Shared housing, provides a strong sense of security.
  • Reinvigorate – Many single retirees build on the companionship of a homemate and become more outgoing and social than they had been on their own.

When you register as a Home-Host, people who have shown interest in the areas that you have specified are able to contact you through the website. It is then up to the Home-Mate to contact you and entirely up to you whether you decide to offer some kind of exchange or not. We only provide a conduit with a way to contact you ( your email is not given out or visible on the site) and the general area in which you live. After the first contact has been made, you can then provide more specific details should you wish to.

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