EzyasHome – Home Mates is a simple idea where two or more people share a home to their mutual benefit, just like the old room sharing when you were a student (those were the days).  A Host Mate can register and create a profile, then post on the web site and on Google+. A Home Mate can do the same and both browse the information (in a secure private space). If they find a profile they like, they can be contacted through the web site and make their own arrangements. There may be profiles in Home Mates that consider a Group Share. This is when group of people combine resources e.g. rent, lease’s and lifestyle. This interest can be posted on the group share page in the same way. Some people may consider sharing in return for some assistance in or around the home.  There are lots of different reasons that people decide to share their home. Some like the idea of having another person around the house to offer companionship and security. Others are looking for a way to supplement their income. In many cases, people need help with household tasks to remain living comfortably in their home. Home- Mates is for people of all ages, incomes and abilities.

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