EzyasHome is a network of people who share like minded interests and compatible lifestyles. Our’s consists of mature women and men who love the idea of living with others and who are looking for an economical lifestyle. EzyasHome aims to provide nationwide electronic database that provides a conduit for adults to connect with compatible home-mates. We do not do the matching for you, but we provide an opportunity for you to find other like-minded individuals who are also searching for an affordable friendly place to live. This Communications hub will create a space for personal interaction and networking.

Do you have a spare room? Are you looking for a companion or just some help with the weekly cash-flow? Why not find someone to share. Do you need someone to assist in small tasks or just to share expenses? Create a Profile and explore the options.

Communities are diverse, dynamic and complex. We all need a roof over our heads. Are you looking to share, what can you contribute, do you have special skills or do you want to share expenses? Why not explore the options.

As housing and rental costs spiral, many people are finding it difficult to manage. In many countries people of similar age, values, and interests, are choosing to share the company of strangers. It works, and it can for you too! Pair up with one or more to share rent, daily expenses and tasks or explore the options.

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