We all interact with other people every day and many interactions rely on trust, trading with businesses, staying in holiday accommodation or traveling on public transport. Many of us that have traveled in far away lands have trusted others to show us how things work, stayed in their homes, traveled with strangers or in groups. In fact it would be impossible to leave our homes unless we had an implicit trust in the rest of the human race…or the majority of them.

I have worked in the community for many years with vulnerable people who have the capacity to trust others even when they have reasons not to, this gives us the energy and focus to find creative ways of problem solving. EzyasHome will work on trust, we trust that people will treat other with respect, honesty and a spirit of mutual benefit.

Taking Care of Yourself

Having said that it is important not to take unnecessary risks. Do not give out your personal details, e-mail or phone number, until you feel that the contact seems like the kind of person you would be interested in hearing from. It is also worth researching the area that is involved if it is new to you. This is even more important in the early stages of correspondence, never finalise arrangements without a face to face even if it is by video link. We will provide police/security checks (fee for service)  if required and we will provide a guidance handbook (for a small fee) as a resource to assist you.

General Internet Safety Advice

Like in real life, when dealing with anyone online, it is always important to be aware of people who could be dishonest. There will always be a few unscrupulous people, even though the vast majority are honest and as they appear to be. Making yourself informed about some common scams will enable you to spot them if ever someone tries one on you.
Here are some tips to help you avoid common scams:

  • Be aware that wiring money is equivalent to sending cash.
  • Con artists often insist that people wire money, especially overseas, because it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace the money.
  • Don’t wire money to strangers or to anyone who wants to keep the request a secret.
  • Never agree to deposit a cheque and wire money back, no matter how convincing the story may be.
  • Use your common sense. If someone asks you for sensitive financial information make sure you’re 100% certain that you trust them.

Reference checks provide an opportunity to talk to people who know the potential homes mate and can give you an opinion on their ability to be a good home mate. At the interview, you should ask for appropriate references which may include past landlords, roommates, or employers. Ask for references who have known them for a substantial amount of time but are not family members or romantic partners.