Harry and his wife Irene live in a 4 bedroom home on a small acreage. Irene is away from home a lot caring for grandchildren who live interstate. Harry has a garden of which he is very proud of so he doesn’t like to leave the property for too long. Harry got lonely being on his own, he missed having someone to go fishing with, and having a game of cards with, and help with the crossword puzzle, so he decided to register as a Home Host on the Sharezy website.

Fred is a widower, his wife Margaret passed away 18 months ago. Fred was struggling to stay motivated and was becoming a bit of a recluse. Fred’s family were concerned about this and happened to see Harry’s post on the Sharezy website. Fred and his family decided to contact Harry and they hit it off straight away. After a few fishing outings and some convivial times Fred decided to sell his unit and moved into Harry and Irene’s home. Irene is happy that Harry has a new buddy and not so lonely when she is away, and Fred and his family couldn’t be happier as Fred has a new lease on life. Harry and Fred are firm mates, they look forward to when Irene is home to relish her cooking skills.