At first the idea of a housemate seemed scary because one imagines all of the possible problems. Your information helped me prepare mentally by showing me how it could be done sensibly.

I am a recently divorced boomer who had 30 years of accumulated stuff! I agree that making space for housemate is crucial and that getting rid of stuff is emotional work.  I felt so free once the Lifeline truck pulled away! I now had room in my life for more adventures.

I put the word out to everyone I knew that I wanted a housemate and by word of mouth found another woman in my situation who was thrilled to find affordable rent in the Sydny area. We are having a ball because I used your techniques for describing my expectations for daily life and household habits. We knew we could be compatible because she had similar expectations.

My housemate helps me afford the housing costs in Sydney so I can stay near my son after retirement. And it is so much more fun than living alone!