Lilly, 64, had lived in her four-bedroom home for more than twenty years. She bought it with her then husband and when they divorced she got the house. Now she was an empty-nester with children living far away. She was tired of rattling around in the house all by herself. Though she’d gotten used to it, there were times when she simply wished for company and help. It was a big job taking care of the house by herself. She’s considered selling and moving to an apartment. But apartments are expensive and the house was almost paid off.

The idea of having someone live with her was suggested by a friend. It had some appeal but seemed very risky. How do you get rid of someone once they’ve moved in? How do you know if it is going to work? How do you start? What’s important to consider?

Being a savvy internet user she googled “how to share housing” and found the Sharezy website and registered as a Home Host. This could allow her to safely exchange information with like-minded people. 

Get on board, build the database.  Live a little!