“Ezyas@Home has been helping me care for my husband who has had advanced dementia, since August 2017. They not only care for him , but are there to help me in any way I need. They are only a phone call away. I have had to call often as I also am not always well. All the staff are very caring, efficient and go beyond the call of duty to help in any way possible. I could not cope without their help. Another point of interest is that all of the government subsidy that my husband receives goes into his care, not some hidden fees.I recommend Ezyas@home care to everyone who needs assistance, and sincerely thank them for their continual love and support”. Jess

Thanks for your visit today – I so enjoyed your company and our sharing and interactions. You certainly gave me your full attention and I learnt a lot. Best wishes Alison
I have just changed from another ‘ Service Provider ‘ when I realised on their Account Invoice I was paying ~ Administration Costs of $398.66 and $532.58 for Case Management Costs per month out of my Aged Care Package Level 3.  For these monthly Fees taken out of my Package 3 – no one visited me to see if I was happy with their services or if I was okay.
Why Pay these fees – when Ezyas@Home – does not charge us any Fees. I am so grateful for meeting Judith Allen and learning about Ezyas@Home It only takes a phone call to contact her and she will visit you at your home
Best regards Alison P

“It was the best thing for Mum when my brother engaged your company in the process of looking after her. You sure have it right with the way you care for the sick & elderly. Please be reassured that the care you supplied was the best she had had” SB

“Thank you so much for all your lovely carers help in looking after her.  In hindsight I wish we had of done the palliative at home”.   Susan

“When it came to looking after Mum you guys were off the planet compared to the other providers we had”. T

Hi Judith

Thank you for looking after *****, she is most impressed with your service

Dr G

To whom it may concern

Ezyas@Home have been delivering care to my mother since September, 2017 through a home care package. We have been absolutely delighted with this service. Not only do they not charge the exorbitant costs the other services did , but they also are able to provide staff on weekends and out of hours. They have a nurse available for situations where that is required.

They were very thorough with the initial interviews and made a comprehensive, tailored plan. Their communication is excellent. Messages are not handled by multitudes of admin staff, just the couple of people who know the situation and they get back to me as soon as they can.

The carer we have is excellent. I cannot speak highly enough of her. When she is not deliver- ing care to Mum , she is busily cleaning, folding clothes or doing whatever she can see that needs doing. Mum loves her and I think Mum thinks she is a family member.

They are flexible too. I often phone up for care for Mum if I have appointments or social out- ings which were a rare occurrence previously. They have never once, not been able to pro-vide care. I can go out, knowing my mother is receiving excellent personalised, tailored care.

It is difficult for patients like my mother who has dementia, is an amputee and is in her 90’s with a plethora of other health issues. I am very protective of her and only want carers who genuinely care and who are kind and lovely as well as being competent.

I highly recommend Ezyas@Home . They tick all the boxes for me with the lack of fees and add-ed charges, the calibre of the staff, the flexibility and accommodating manner they deal with requests for respite and the ease of dealing with them.


To whom it may concern,

Myself and my partner Lola wish to thank Judith and the team for the care they gave my mother in the last stages of her life, their kindness and patience helped us to survive. My mother suffered with Dementia and as anyone who has had experience with it will know “The Long Goodbye” is heartbreaking.

It has been a few months now (1st January, 2018) since my mother passed away and these ladies attended her funeral, once again showing their level of care.

We would not hesitate to recommend their company to anybody who is in a situation similar to ours or anybody who needs any sort of home care. Their fees and administrative costs are low and consequently we got more hours of actual care instead of just having our money swallowed up by big companies who cannot even bother to answer a telephone call in case they might have to actually do something to help.

Once again we would not hesitate to recommend Judith and the team to anybody who is in this sad situation and in need of home care

Yours sincerly

Terry & Lola