Excellent Quality – Personalised Service – Ethical Commitment to Our Clients

Excellent Quality - Personalised Service - Ethical Commitment to Our Clients

How much does good in-home care cost?

It depends on what type of service you need and how you will pay for it.

Ezyas@Home can provide three types of services.

  • Home Care Packages – (Government Subsidised – there maybe some government fees) – see https://myagedcare.gov.au
  • Private Care – (Fee for Service) No waiting list, no ACAT assessment.
  • Home Care Package + (Top Up) Not enough hours in your package, top up services

Many other services charge average 30% management fees and administration fees. Ezyas@Home has a competitive flat hourly rate for easy accountability with 24% fee.

The Government has turned the aged care industry upside down and stripped power away from the Approved Providers of In Home Care and given that power to you, the Consumer. 

But… And this is a big but… this is not always happening, many providers are charging significant fees and charges and not giving client’s Choice.

Knowing your rights and being a strong negotiator could mean the difference between having… the care I want, not the care they are prepared to offer. 

You can shop around, get quotes, compare care levels and remember its your money, your choice.

Ezyas@Home has an advantage over its competitors. We offer our clients quality personalised services and greater value. We can offer our clients services at lower prices because as a local Bundaberg service provider we have lower overheads and local knowledge. We deliver consistent and reliable high-quality in-home care with experienced carers and nurses to our loyal clients.

Your plan, your package, your lifestyle.