Sweet Surprise of Sharing Housing

It was Janet who said it was a “sweet surprise.” She continues, “The dailiness is quite powerful. There is an easiness in being yourself all the time … no need to wear make-up – some days not even getting out of one’s P.J’s. There is an ease in sharing the basic... read more

The Five Commandments of Keeping a Tidy Household

As someone who has lived with a series of flatmates, I learned for that initial interview to ask, “Are you neat?” Of course, everyone answers in the affirmative yet the the reality is that we have lapses when it comes to keeping our home in order. That’s why I came up... read more

Worried about living alone

Last winter I had an anxiety attack.  Over the years, I’ve shared my home with flat-mates as well as with romantic partners, but I won’t lie that I love living by myself and the freedom of doing whatever I want in my home. However, having noted that, I’ve come to the... read more

Find a House Mate

What’s the lesson on how to find a home-mate? Take advantage of every possible opportunity where you can post an ad–from you favourite coffee shop to places of interest to yoga studios to your local community newspaper. Thanks to social media, you can tweet your... read more

Sharing with pets from Annamarie

  When I lived in Sydney, I found myself in the situation of finding a flatmate after the break up of a long-term relationship. My primary concerns were to find someone who not only was reliable, responsible, and respectful, but who could get along with Moses, my... read more

Share a Space

With housing costs high and feelings of loneliness when children are grown and a spouse is no longer around, older adults are looking for answers. Today, the shared living movement is being embraced across the country as an exciting aging-in-place option for baby... read more


My life has taken many paths and choices, some good, some bad, and some I would wish I could change. The paths have been ones that I never could have imagined from the place I grew up and the journey continues.....