My Memory Stick
Someone’s pitched the memory stick that lay within my brain,
I know I’m getting on a bit, which causes some disdain,
But my stick it functioned perfectly as exams I did take,
I even got some letters, which would prove that I’m awake,
But as I’ve reached my dotage now, a malfunction has occurred,
My memory stick’s gone walkabout, remembering’s not assured,
Someone asks a question and the answer I should know,
But the memory sticks malfunction deals me a mortal blow,
I do feel kind of stupid, in my head I see the thing,
But the word for it I can’t recall. my memory bells don’t ring, 
I’ve put my keys down somewhere, I know there in the house,
I search in every room ‘cos I know there hereabouts,
I leave the room to do a task, my mind is so assured,
But when I get to the other room, my task is now obscured,
I went a walk the other day, and a friendly face I saw,
Chatted on this and that but of his name I was not sure,
Folks tell you of the joys of reaching your golden years,
But losing your memory stick leads to frustration and some tears.
© Ted Morgan June 2019